Engineering unlocks the potential in buildings

Engineering and Beyond

From the outset 99:40 has set out to remove obstacles, with simple and elegant engineering, so that projects can develop to their full potential. We are a team of Chartered Engineering professionals that work across the UK. We have a strong background in retail, commercial and residential architecture.

We believe good design in the built environment improves peoples lives. We fulfill this by cutting through the complexity of the project to deliver an elegant and simple solution. We excel in finding the structural solutions that make the most complex and difficult projects possible. We believe that when the engineering is done right the architecture and dream can follow.

Residential and Commercial Projects

We have carried out work for various domestic and commercial Clients, but no matter the size we provide a quick and reliable service. We aim to help move the project from the first idea, through planning and right through to construction with the least amount of hassle and cost. We considering every step, and use our experience and knowledge to progress your project with care, while being reliable and prompt.

We have systems in place to achieve these goals for the project. We have the ability to streamline work through the practice to meet the Clients needs if an expedited service is required. We have experts in various areas to call upon outside of the company to achieve your goals. But, within the company we are constantly learning and keeping up to date with latest construction techniques and design methods. Our Chartered Engineers have decades of experience finding simple solutions that make complex projects simple.

Working with Artists

We have a history of working with leading artists and craftsman at 99:40, and we are proud of the work we have carried out. This work pushes our engineering knowledge to the limit. Taking our experience in engineering and bringing that valuable knowledge to bear on the unique problems faced by artists and craftsman.

We have experience working with stone, concrete, timber, steel, aluminium, and other less known materials. The knowledge gained on these projects is often in turn put to use in our traditional engineering services. Our work has also been featured in the press.

We’re interested in buildings, everything inside them and everything in between

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